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This blog is with myself. Looking at how I can improve my connection with the dieties and spiritual practise.

Yesterday I was able to download to the Kindle a number of booklets from Amazon for free. This is great- that they are free- but a little unsure how I am going with reading them as I really like my books. Speaking of books I just finished a fiction novel about Druids? and Stonehenge. It had everyone involved from the lonely reformed druggie to a high ranked army officer, of course murder etc. I just couldnt get my head around the inconsistences with the religion/spiritual acts.

I am also reading Titania’s Book of White Magic. This is very Northern Hempisphere but looking for inspiration. All books are worth a read and it doesnt matter if you agree or disagree.

So on to the study- Birch Tree

Birch: (Betula pendula, B. pubescens, B. lenta, B. alba) Also known as beithe, bereza, berke, beth, lady of the woods. Magickally- Protection, exorcism, purification, health, beginnings, prosperity, cleansing.. The witch’s broom was traditionally made from birch twigs. It’s renowned for its purifying nature. It is also highly protective. Planet: Venus Element:  Water Deities: Thor.

Coleridge the English poet of 1772 – 1834 called the Silver Birch the “Lady of the Woods” because of the way she gentle sways with the wind as it blows through it’s branches. Should you have any Birch around where you live maybe go to her and ask if she could help you with any healing or blessings, but don’t forget to leave her some treats. If not, just sit and watch her sway and dance with the wind.  It’s a peaceful feeling. This silver also apperance  also creates a connection with the moon. Often a witches broom will be made from silvery Birch. Diana can also be connected to the birch.

How to make a besom

Things You’ll Need

  • One length of Ash wood. It  should  reach from the ground  to just below your navel and      range from an inch and a  half to two and a quarter inches in  diameter.
  • Birch twigs, as many as you      want in  your broom. Notes on choosing and length are included below      in  “tips”.
  • Thin strips of willow bark,      to bind  your birch twigs with.
  • Work within a sacred area: As      with any sacred tool, a besom should be made  within sacred space.      You should begin as a normal ritual, by casting a circle  and giving      thanks. Purify and dedicate the wood before you begin construction.       ‘Charging’ the broom to any specific purpose should be done after the      broom is  completed, or while weaving the twigs to the stave.
  • 2
    Place the strips of birch into the water and leave them to      soften for at  least 10 minutes. The longer you leave them, the      easier it will be to work  with.

    • Preparing the Handle: Anoint       and bless your ash wood stave with the essential  oil. Sigil/rune       carvings or any other ornamentation of the handle should be done  at       this point. If the besom is to be dedicated to a specific purpose or       deity,  you may ask them to bless it as you begin crafting.
    • 4
      Weaving the bristles: Gather all of your birch twigs and arrange       them into  small, even groups. Remove two pieces of the willow bark       and lay them side by  side on a flat surface. Tie the two bark       pieces together by wrapping a short  length of thread around the end       several times and knotting it off. Take the  first group of birch       twigs and crisscross the willow strips back and forth  between each       piece to bind them together (this is weaving). Tie off the other  end       of the willow strips with thread. Do not worry, the thread will not show       in  the finished broom. Repeat with the remaining groups of birch       twigs. The thread  may be omitted, but it makes the weaving       considerably more  difficult.
    • 5
      Attaching to the broom: There are multiple ways to do this. Some       drill a  small hole in the end of the ash stave and thread yarn       through it, then wrap the  yarn around each bundle of twigs. A       second method is to tie together each willow  strip so that the       birch twigs form one continuous panel. The panel is then wound        tightly around the end of the stave, and secured by tying additional       willow bark  around it.A third method is to wrap each small group of       twigs directly to the  handle with yarn or thread.Whatever your       method, you will want to “finish” the  broom by weaving an       additional two inch swath of willow bark about one inch from  the       top of the bristles. Some traditions attach small charms, or weave herbs       and  sea salt in amongst the bristles before attaching the       “finishing” layer of  willow bark.Once you have       “finished” the besom, you may dedicate it to a spirit  or       deity of your choice, or charge it with protective energies.       Traditionally,  it can be hung over a doorway or stood with bristles       facing upwards to protect a  home. It is also used to “sweep       away” residual psychic energies and negativity  in a       circle.Continue with the remainder of your ritual and close/ground       the  circle as normal.
      Read more:  How to Make a Besom |
  • Tips &      Warnings
    • Choosing your birch twigs:
    • Traditionally, the twigs are       at minimum the length of your forearm and no  wider than your pinkie       finger. Some more modern covens use extremely thin, long  twigs that       are bent over double before being woven (twice as long and half as        wide as traditional branches). You want the twigs to be fresh (green)       when you  work with them. If they are too dry and brittle, they will       crack during the  weaving.
    • For a rougher look, you may       want to leave the birch twigs on a branch and  bind the branches       themselves to the ash handle.
  • Of course being in the      Southern Hempshere I would use local trees, I do lke the birch. There are      some lovely trees in Canberra.

To honour the birch- we have the Birch Moon which is the first full moon after Yule, so for me that will be late July or early August. This also means it is associated with the witches New Year.

So that will do for now  until next time.


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