Orbicular Jasper- also Ocean Jasper

Orbicular jasper is an agate. Discovered in Madagascar in 1997, available only at low tide. Agate are semiprecious stones in the chalcedony category of minerals. They are a type of complicated quartz structure made from different fibrous bands of colour that can range from white and gray to green, red, and blue, with a variety of translucent and opaque variations possible. Even though agate are approximately 90 percent quartz, they also include a carbon-like material called moganite, and together these minerals make the chalcedony core of the rock–although some layers of the agate are pure quartz, depending on how it was formed. The colors of the agate are caused by variations in impurities and crystal growth formation.

Agate are created in igneous rock when it is subject to certain conditions. When this kind of volcanic rock forms near water, the water is often forced into these pockets and bubbles. Since this water has been stirred up it is usually rife with other types of minerals, such as silica. When silica-rich water becomes trapped in these volcanic rock bubbles, it eventually forms an acidic type of gel, which begins to eat away at the surrounding igneous rock. The gel dissolves surrounding iron and other metals and leaves a layer of residue that settles into the gel. This layer is followed by other layers, until over time the gel loses water and the entire substance begins to crystallize.

Orbicular Jasper is a name given to a highly silicified rhyolite or tuff that has quartz and feldspar crystallized into radial aggregates of needle-like crystals forming orbicular (spherical) structures. Orbicular Jasper found in Madagascar is specimens of high quality and very much sorted after by collects and metaphysical practitioners. It is also located in Mexico and USA South America. It is considered common though I have read on a number of web sites that Madagascar sites are mined out. I do have to say I had no problem finding places to buy it or claiming it is Ocean Jasper from Madagascar.

Metaphysical Properties:

Ocean Jasper is said to bring very soothing aura to its wearer and helps to love one’s self as well as others. It is very healing of the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. Ocean jasper heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one’s ability to handle the input from increased awareness. The circular patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Being a type of jasper, ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs (“eyes”) enhance this in regard to protection from the “evil eye.” Physically, ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins, lessen body odour. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra It will bring positive vibrations to the solar plexus chakra.

The positive vibrations of Ocean Jasper make it a stone of joy.

  • Stimulates solar  plexus, heart and throat chakras
  • Increases expression of love in words and actions
  • Gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one’s life
  • Brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace

This powerful stone lifts negativity so one can fully appreciate blessings

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens one’s awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts one’s mood through its positive vibrations. When one is under its influence, it is difficult to take one’s problems with dissatisfaction as seriously as one normally does. Ocean Jasper helps lift the veil of negativity which many people unconsciously wear over their eyes, and when this veil is lifted, it is much easier to see and appreciate the many blessings of life. Ocean Jasper stimulates the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras with its beneficial vibrations, conveying the urge to feel, speak and act more positively, it supports the expression of love in one’s words and deeds, and it helps one to realize what and whom one truly loves. It banishes complacency and the habit of taking one’s loved ones, health, prosperity or security for granted. It is brings one’s consciousness to the present moment, relieving worry about the future or bitterness about the past. It allows the release of stress and escapism, helping one understand the value of the here and now.


Orbicular Jasper

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Sunday 1st April 2013. This is late as I have been away on holidays.
Autumn Equinox- usually around the 21st March depending on the alignment of the stars etc. It has been written that this term Mabon was used the first time in 1970. It is honouring the second harvest festival and the changing of the seasons. Of course the night hours equals the daylight hours. The balance is present. Many traditions/religions have a festival or ritual connected to this time of the year.
Myths and stories of this time is connected to the death and rebirth as the earth is getting ready for Winter and summer is dying. Depending on your path with depend on how you celebrate this Sabbat. For me personally I thank the Goddess for the bounty of summer. As I am currently feeling drawn to Morrigan I haven’t made a connection this Sabbat.
Traditional Activities of Mabon include making wine, gathering herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.


Plants for Mabon: Hazel, corn, Aspen, Acorns, Oak sprigs, Autumn leaves, Wheat stalks, Cypress cones, Pine cones.
Foods for Mabon: Grains, fruit, vegetables, corn, corn bread, beans, cider, harvest foods.
Stones: Emerald, Jade.
Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown.
Element: Air.
Planet: Venus.
Zodiac: Libra.
Pagan beliefs: The Goddess is the mother of Earth, God is a shadowy presence
Mabon Goddesses – Morgan, Epona, Lilitu, The Muses, Sophia.
Mabon Gods – Dionysus, Bacchus, Hermes, Horned God, Mabon, Thoth.

Mabon Incense

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Cypress
1 part Juniper
1 part Pine
1/2 part Oakmoss (or a few drops Oakmoss bouquet)
1 pinch pulverized Oak leaf

Autumn Equinox Ritual Potpourri

45 drops Honeysuckle Oil
1 cup Oak Moss
6 small Acorns
2 cups dried Oak Leaves
2 cups dried Honeysuckle
1 cup dried Passionflower
1 cup dried Rosebuds and Petals
1/2 cup dried Pine Needles
1 tablespoon Sage

Mix the honeysuckle oil with the oak moss and then add the remaining ingredients. Stir the potpourri well and store in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container.

A simple chant to use-

“Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, all things pass, all things fade, all things die”


An alter can be places in the West the place of the sunset. Our candles should be brown. We can decorate circle with autumn flowers, acorns, gourds, corn sheaves and fall leaves. Our scared space should be representing what we see in the season around us.

Often we follow our traditions based on the Northern Hemisphere, Its important in my mind and heart to follow what I see when I stand outside. This includes the harvest produce.


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A new Day

This blog is with myself. Looking at how I can improve my connection with the dieties and spiritual practise. Yesterday I was able to download to the Kindle a number of booklets from Amazon for free. This is great- that … Continue reading

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ImageSo what a week- the boss has been made redundant and I have resigned. The reasons I am leaving is basically it was making me sick with worry about what was going to happen. I liked that Sally left me to my own devices I could do what I want, when I want, if I wanted to I could be totally lazy; which if I was honest was a lot of the time. I would help anybody and everybody just to get out of sitting in front of the computer doing my paperwork. But now it has became the unknown; as I do most of the time  with the unknown I either jump in or I run, so this time I choose to run. It is my decision. I did try to mediate and tarot cards but couldn’t concentrate. My emotions rule in situation like this. 

I can talk to anyone and tell them lots of reasons and some of them are valid and maybe I should have waited till after Sally left but I had an overwhelming sense of dread and I hate feeling like that. Yes the universe may be saying to me shit you have done the wrong thing, for Ness found a job immediately and I expected one to fall in my lap but I am confident something will come along. I was hoping to convince Ness to go home but the universe cut me off at the knees in that as she said we need to have jobs to go to. Must agree with that one. Overall I am going to miss the place the people and the flexibility but I have done the deed and now its time to move on. “New Job soon would be nice universe.”


 So on to the day- What happen in History today 9th Feb

Born today

              1897   –              

Australian aviator   Charles Kingsford Smith is born.

Australian   Explorers


1830 –

Captain   Sturt discovers Lake Alexandrina, near the mouth of the Murray River.

World   History


1942 –

The SS   Normandie burns and sinks in New York Harbor.

2012 –

Kodak   announces that it will cease producing digital cameras, pocket video cameras   and digital picture frames.

Princess Margaret passed over today 2002.


So to mystical part of the day- Magickal correspondence (according to which book I am reading at the moment)

Goddess of the DayImage

Goddess Python daughter of Hera, she is depicted in the form of the dragon a little bit of fire about maybe. Pythia  the priestess of Pythons temple where known for their prophecies.


 I still my mind and look deep within for the guidance I need.

Moonrise 5.23am

                                                                                      Moonset 6.17pm

                                                                                       Waning Moon 2%

Saturdays are a good time to do spells with  banishing, protection, wisdom, spirituality, cleansing themes.

Colour best for the day is black or purple

Ruled by Saturn (a little obvious)

Gods and Goddess- Hecate and Saturn

Wearing the colors of the day, black and deep purple. Here’s your perfect excuse to be dramatic and  witchy. Empower these dramatic pieces of your wardrobe for protection and strength.

Burning black candles to absorb negativity and burning purple ones to increase your magical wisdom and boost your spirituality

Adding a touch of garden witchery to your Saturday spells by working with the pansy (in black or purple of course), the morning glory flowering vine, or the cypress tree.

Carrying an obsidian, hematite, or jet tumbled stone in your pocket to reinforce your personal protection and to ward off bad vibes and sour feelings. You can also add these  crystals to a candle spell on a Saturday night to really increase the punch of your spellcasting.

Cleaning your house and cleansing it while you are at it. Tap into those obstacle-removing vibes and the positive, concluding energies. This is interesting as my family traditional cleaning day was always Saturday and it still is to this day.

Closing up the final day of the bewitching week with a bang by calling on Hecate for protection and guidance.




A stone I have always been drawn too. Today I would like to work with it a bit closer.

Carnelian carries the properties of Agate. Its colour range is red, orange or reddish brown. The deeper the colour the greater the influence. Carnelian is mined in India and South America.  Having the same chemical make up as Agate, when Carnelian grades into brown it is known as Sard. When it contains bands of white, it is known as Sardonyx. In addition, some very dark brown Carnelian can be classified as Jasper. The distinction between these is very fine and relies more on visual appearance than scientific analysis. As a result, it is very possible that one man’s Carnelian may be another man’s Sard, Agate or Jasper. Chemically, Carnelian is composed of Silicon Dioxide, SiO2, and gets its red colour from Hematite (Iron-Oxide, FeO2) impurities. Many Carnelians offered today are Agates which are dyed and then heat treated. Natural Carnelian will usually exhibit a cloudy distribution of colour.



Carnelian has been considered a status symbol and only people of a high status wore it as jewellery and buried with it. It was also used by the Ancient Egyptians for protection magic. Carnelian has long been associated with courage and cleansing of the blood. It was believed that the stone would improve one’s outlook, making the individual cheerful and expelling fears.


We can use when working with the Chakra:  Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart

Vibrational Number: 5 and 6.

Zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn and Leo

Element:   Fire

Planet:  Saturn, Mercury and Earth

Day:  Saturday and Wednesday

Deity:  God

This is a stone that can symbol Lughnasadh (sabbat 1st Feb), use it on your alter to symbolise the colour of the dying sun.


Katrina Raphaell says that Carnelian can be used to “see into the past”. The “Crystal Oracle” says that Carnelian refers to the Self, and Current Conditions. It is a grounding stone, and associated with the Earth. As such, it is considered practical, sensible and balanced. Cunningham associates the stone with the element of Fire. He suggests it as a talisman against Telepathic invasion.

Keywords:  action/alertness/ Analytical/ Anger Apathy/ Balance/ Calming/ Centring/ Clarity / Concentration/ Confidence/ Courage/ Depression/ Energy/ Fear  /Grounding/ Guilt / Intellect/ Lethargy/ Love/ Protection/ Public Speaking/ Purification / Regeneration/ Sexual Energy / Shame / Sorrow / thought / Trauma/  Wisdom in magical actions/spells.

 Eases anxiety about death.

Carnelian treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It regulates the kidneys, and accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. Improves vitamin and mineral absorption and ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues. It is recommended for infertility or impotency. In addition it is used for purification of the blood. It has also been suggested that this stone will stop nose bleeding.


One of the best uses of carnelian is in jewellery. One can always benefit from the warm, joyful and energizing presence of this stone, be it in a bracelet, ring or a necklace. Carnelian can create an exquisite quality of energy when combined with most light blue colour stones, especially blue lace agate, turquoise and amazonite.


Something I didn’t know is the Carnelian is the gemstone for the 17th Anniversary.

Have you thought of create a crystal divination bag of crystals here is your first meaning towards creating this type of divination. The Divinatory meaning of orange Carnelian: You may get the chance to breathe new life into a relationship.  The Divinatory meaning of red Carnelian: Not a time to back down. Ask for what you need and do not settle for second best.

I know personally I have never dreamt of Carnelian but it is said to mean impending misfortunes.


Looking after your crystals

Carnelian can be cleansed and recharged in the sunlight,  it will dispel negativity from other stones and crystals. So keep a piece with all your other crystals.


So that’s it for today- until next time Blessed Be

By michelle764

Lughnassadh 2013

Pronunciation: – Lughnasadh = Loo-na-sa or lug-na-sa
The name “Lughnassadh” comes from the Gaelic word “La Lughnassadh,” pronounced “Law LOO-nuh-suh,” and means “Marriage of Lugh.”
Other names: Lughnassadh is also called Lammas (Christianise), First Fruits, August eve, Feast of Bread, Bron Trograine

February 2nd in Southern Hemisphere (1st August Northern Hemisphere)
This is the 6th Sabbat in the Wicca calendar. Beginning of the Harvest Season at the height of summer; when Abundance is everywhere. It is also the beginning of autumn, as the light of the sun wanes. It has been said usually a celebration not the actual time to do a spell but to honour the God and The Goddess. When moving anti-clockwise we would see Lughnasadh in the cross-quarter of the North-West. The Alter can be placed to face this direction. This is the first harvest and a time when the light has only just begun to wane. It is the period between Midday and Sunset.

There are many stories to draw on- Lugh is the Celtic God of the Sun, vegetation and the cultivated fields. The “marriage” of Lugh refers to the Harvest. The symbolism of the dying sun is the dying God as Lugh is destined to do at the end of the harvest season.
Another God that can be associated is Tammuz (Tammuz is said to be the pagan god the christian church used to model some aspects of their church, thus getting the people in the door.) He is said to enter the underworld 6 months of the year and therefore nature ceases. The Greek God Adonis was ordered by Zeus to spend 6 months of every year with Persephone in the underworld. The grains Gods change to female- Norse Goddesses Fryja the Goddess of Grain, Bride the Celts Goddess of Grain.
So back to Lugh- He was the son of Cian of the Tuatha De Danann and Ethine daughter of the Balor King of Fomor. He is killed by his new wife’s lover on his wedding night. He is restored by his Uncle Gwion and is known to return as an Eagle. The story relates back to the Traditions of the Sacrificial King, he mates dies and is reborn. The thought to contemplate is When you give yourself totally to another, so we can be reborn as one. Others mention is John Barleycorn (the Irish want their malt whiskey) and the Welsh God Arianrhods golden haired son Lleu.
Lugh held celebrations on this day to honour his foster mother- as we do to celebrate the mother and the abundance she has bestowed on us all. Lughnasadh is a feminine celebration; it is honouring the Goddess Mother Earth as Lugh honoured his mother on this day. We are grateful for the bounties she has bestowed on us all. ( An interesting point is we all have something to be grateful – friends, family, a roof over our head a country if we don’t have anything will still give some support medical help our life.) It is also a birthing celebration as the fruits of the harvest are been provided in order for the earth’s children to live. It was a time to undertake “teltown marriages” or handfasting rituals. Fires were lit to give strength to the wanning sun, other traditions included in this celebration are craft festivals corn dolls and of course the making of bread. It is traditional to plant the seeds from any fruit you eat at this time. Some say Lughnassadh is the Pagan form of Thanksgiving; others say it is Mabon, where celebrations honouring the fertility and bounty of the Earth are performed. Baking bread and planting seeds is a simple way to celebrate Lughnassadh. You can make corn dollies and hang them in your home, or place them on the Altar. “Corn” in America is apparently another name for wheat, so when they talk about Corn Dollies would appear to mean dolls made from wheat. You can do onion braiding to be used as a decration or an activity for the kids. Garlic can replace the onions. Medicinal herbs are collected and dried. Lughnassadh is a time for justice, rights, wisdom, feasting and transformation.
We remember the summer passing, the food crops it provided us with and the nourishment it will continue to provide thru to the return of the sun god.

Correspondences for Lughnasadh
Goddesses: The Mother, Dana (Lugh’s wife & queen), Tailltiu (Welsh-Scottish), Demeter (Greek), the Barley Mother, Corn Mother, other agricultural Goddesses, the waxing Goddess
Gods: Johnny Barleycorn, Lugh, Arianrhods golden haired son Lleu (Welsh God of the Sun & Corn where corn includes all grains, not just maize), all sacrificial Gods who willingly shed blood/give their life that their people/lands may prosper, all vegetation Gods the waning God
Alter Decorations/symbols: The sun, Oak Fir Branches, sunflowers, lilies red/maize/yellow flowers, love amulets seashells summer fruits flowers feather/flower door wreath sun wheel fire circles of stone sun dials swords/blades bird feathers witches ladder corn dolls, dried Indian corn ears, sunflowers, wheat stalks cornucopias scythe sickle
Feast Foods: Homemade breads, barley cakes, nuts, crab apples, rice, lamb, elderberry wine, ale, cider, beer, meadowsweet tea, Grains, Berry Foods and any locally ripe produce.
Colours: Golden Yellow Orange Green and Light Brown
Herbs: acacia flowers, aloes, cornstalks, frankincense, heather, hollyhock, myrtle, oak leaves, sunflower, wheat All the herbs coming into flower.
Animals/Mythical Beings: butterflies, frogs, toads, wrens, roosters calves and Griffins centaurs phoenix
Incense: Wood aloes, Rose, rosehips, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, safflower, corn, passionflower, frankincense, sandalwood
Crystals: aventurine citrne peridot sardonyx cats eye golden topaz obsidian moss agate rhodocrhrosite clear quartz lodestone carnelian
Tarot Card: Justice, the Wheel of Fortune

Rituals/Spells: At this time, witches cast spells for connectedness, career, health, and financial gain. Spells for abundance are completely appropriate now. As the sun is growing weaker, it is a good time to do grounding and sun meditations, then use the golden rays of the sun (gathered during meditation) in spellcasting. It is also said that the Sabbats are not a time for spells but I did find a number of spells to do on this day. Personally no spells for me.
Hocus Pocus: Titania’s Book of Spells
Slivery Moon
You will need a special piece of silver, charge it with the full moon light.
1st Feb take your Piece of silver and place on your forehead.
Saying “May my fortunes grow from this day” wear the silver or keep it close to you. Touch the talisman and look towards the moon ant time you need special help.

A solitary ritual followed by a coven ritual, l have a copy of Obsidian’s Grimoire and found the ritual for a Coven some time ago on the Yahoo/Pagans Australian Website or it may have been the group chat page.

Simple Lammas (Lughnassadh) Ritual (by Obsidian)
Set up a simple Altar. Place Salt in a small bowl upon the Altar. Have all the other items close to the Altar, so that you will have them on hand. Place the Elemental candles and mark out the circle. Take the bowl of salt, and walking deosil around the circle, sprinkle a little as you walk, saying:
“With Salt I purify this circle,
may no harm enter within.”
When you have finished, replace the salt on the Altar. Take your Athame or Wand (if you do not own one of these ritual tools, you may use your index finger), and walk around the circle, in a deosil direction, imagining white light streaming out from the Athame/Wand/Finger to create a circle of fire. As you walk around a second time, imagine the fire growing higher and higher, spreading out under the ground as well. As you walk around for the third and final time, imagine the fire closing up over the top of you, and joining up under the ground to create a sphere. When you have finished, stand in the centre of the circle with arms up and say:
“I cast this magick circle,
that it be a boundary between this world,
and that of the Spirit realm.
As above [point to the sky],
So below [point to the ground],
the circle is cast!”
Walk over to the Northern candle, light it. Stand with arms outstretched, feet slightly apart, saying:
“Hail Guardian of the Watchtower of the North,
Element of Fire.
I call upon thee to guard and protect,
to lend your power to mine.
So mote it be!”
Repeat for the other Elements. Return to the Altar. Stand before the Goddess candle (a Silver/white candle), and light it. Stand with arms outstretched, feet slightly apart, saying:
“Holy Mother of the Earth,
Shining lady of the moon,
I call upon thee to assist and protect,
to lend your power to mine.
Welcome, loving Goddess,
into my circle.”
Stand before the God candle (a Gold/yellow/red candle), and light it. Stand with arms crossed over your chest, feet together, saying:
“Holy Father of the Sky,
Blazing Lord of the Sun,
I call upon thee to assist and protect,
to lend your power to mine.
Welcome, loving God,
into my circle.”
Close your eyes and mediate on the past few months, and think of all the good things that have happened in that time. Lammas is a time for transformation, and any negative feelings you have been holding onto can be discarded now. Take a pen and paper, and write all the negative things you wish to banish. If possible, burn this paper, either in a cauldron, or in a large heatproof bowl, if this is not possible, then simply throw the paper into a stream or river to be carried away. As you discard of the paper say:
“I banish ……
I have no need for this anymore,
I banish it away in the Lughnassadh flame.
So mote it be!”
Stand before the altar and say:
“As the wheel turns from Summer into Autumn,
I give thanks for all the blessings I have received.
And look forward to those blessings that lay before me”
You can meditate on the positive things you wish to have in the coming months. You can now hold the simple feast, eat breads, seeds, nuts and the fruits of the season. Don’t forget to leave some as an offering to the Goddess and God which you should pour/crumble into the ground, to give back to Mother Earth. When you are ready to end the circle, stand before the Goddess candle and say:
“Farewell O’ loving Goddess,
I thank you for your assistance and protection,
Both within this circle, and in my life.
I now bid you farewell,
may you go in peace and love.
Blessed be.”
Blow or pinch out her candle. Repeat for the God candle. Return to the Western candle, say:
“Farewell Guardian of the Watchtower of the West,
I thank you for your assistance within this circle.
I bid you now farewell,
may you go in peace and love.
Blessed be.”
Blow/pinch out the West candle. Repeat the above for each of the remaining Elements. When you have said farewell to the Northern Guardian, walk around the circle widdershins, imagining the white fire that created the circle retracting back into your Athame/Wand/finger. Walk around doing this 3 times, and when you have returned to the northern point again, put down the Athame/Wand and say:
“May the circle be open,
but unbroken”
It is done!

Lughnasadh 2008 by Bird
Items Required
Altar to be decorated with apples, barley, wheat, rye (grain can be in bowls if sheaves not available), bread, cider, ale, mead, corn and fresh flowers.
Offerings for the Corn King
Circlets of flowers and leaves for Maiden, Mother and Crone
Crown of grain for Corn King
Cloak for Corn King
Shroud for Corn King
Gifts for Corn King/Paper to write on
Cup of ale
Barley for offerings
Oil for anointing
Air Guardian, Fire Guardian, Water Guardian, Earth Guardian
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Corn God – To be chosen by the men
Before the Ritual
Everyone either brings something they have made as a gift for the Corn God that represents the harvest in their lives, or they can write something on paper before the circle starts.
Corn King is chosen by the men before the ritual starts – they are taken aside as a group and the HP will help the men choose the Corn King.
While the men choose the Corn King, the women will prepare the circlets for the Maiden, Mother and Crone and dress the circle with flowers.

The Ritual
As each person enters the circle, they are given a handful of barley to place on the altar as an offering by the Earth Guardian and anointed with oil by the Water Guardian and welcomed into the circle.
Circle Cast By the blade a circle born
Between the worlds a boundary formed
By the power raised herein
To guard without and hold within
Be this circle cast
Elementals I call upon the winds of the world…
I call upon the flames of the fire…
I call upon the waves of the ocean…
I call upon the stones of the earth…
HPS: Welcome to the Sabbat of Lughnasadh! At this time on the wheel, we celebrate the harvest, we celebrate that which has come into our lives and the earth, that which we have planted, we now reap.
But as we celebrate, we also acknowledge the mystery of the season contained within the grain.
HP: We call forth the Guardians of the mystery of this time, we call forth those who have raised the grain high, helped it to grow, nurtured its future. We call forth the triple Goddess, we call forth the Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Maiden, mother and crone step forward and they are crowned with the circlets of flowers and leaves and welcomed with a kiss.
HP: Invokes triple Goddess
We call to thee O Maiden of the starlit plain
Virgin of the crescent moon
Whose light kisses the field unfarrowed
Whose beauty shapes the world unformed

We call to thee O Mother of the ripened grain
Queen of the fertile earth
Within whom the seed is planted
And the bounty of the fields is born

We call to thee O Crone of blackest night
Dark Lady of the sickle and scythe
Before whom the field lies fallow
Awaiting the blood-red dawn

Maiden, Mother, Crone of Old
Thee we invoke by the harvest gold
Three in one and one in three
Light and bright and dark are thee!

They stand beside the altar.
HP: Who amongst us will accept thanks for the bounty of our year and the responsibility that goes with that?
Who will give our thanks to the earth?
Corn King comes forward and is crowned and dressed in the cloak.
HPS: We call to thee O Father of the sunlit plains
Lover of the crescent moon
Whose golden light lives within the seed
Planted in the field

We call to thee O Father of the maturing corn
King in the fertile soil
Wrapped in the womb of the mother
Where the bounty of the wheel is born

We call to thee O Father of the setting sun
Whose head bows in the summer breeze
Full of the love of the earth
Awaiting rebirth from the earth

O King of the Golden Corn
We invoke thee
King of the Golden Corn
We welcome thee
The maiden and mother step forward, and welcome him to the circle:
Maiden: We who have loved you and nurtured you, we who have helped you to grow, will now celebrate that which you return to us.
Mother: We here have prepared offerings to you to thank you for that which you have bought into our lives.
Maiden and mother take him around the circle for everyone to thank him and to offer him a gift, which is attached to his cloak, or placed around his neck. As they thank him, they say:
Thank you for the good things you have given to me. Thank you for
the food in my belly, the water which gives me life, the fire which gives me warmth and light, the air which I breathe, and the Earth which is my home. I give you in return a small gift; a symbol of my love for all the things which you have given to me.
When he has finished going around the circle, he is taken to the altar. The Maiden and mother kiss him and thank him once more. They then stand him behind the altar and say to the Crone:
Maiden: O Great mother of us all, Receiver of Sacrifice, bridger of worlds
Mother: You who holds the mystery of our season
Maiden: Accept our sacrifice of thanks to you, so the wheel may spin once more
Crone( to Corn King): You who have grown so tall and free, you who have had the run of the fields, now must you return to the earth once more.
The crone kisses the Corn King as she cuts his throat and he falls behind the altar.
The Maiden and Mother cover him in a shroud.
The Crone keens for his loss.

The maiden and mother take the ale from the altar, and take it to the Crone and say:
Maiden: Do not mourn for long grandmother, as it was his time to die. The sun that warned our summer days, no longer is so high.
Mother: We have thanked him for the corn, we have gathered in his harvest now, and he leaves the fields forlorn. But, now do we celebrate life as it moves ever on, for we cannot stay here forever.
Maiden and Mother: all things grow all things die all shall be reborn
Maiden: Here, drink him in, as his sacrifice is transformed once more into life.
The Maiden gives the crone a drink, the Crone then takes the cup around the circle to everyone to drink from. As she gives the cup to each person, she says:
Crone: drink deep of the life of my lord, born from the earth, crushed in the mill, reborn in the waters of life.
The cup is placed back on the altar. The Maiden, mother and crone stand again beside the altar.
Cakes and ale

As the ale goes around the circle, the Maiden, Mother and Crone remove their crowns and place them in front of the altar, they also remove the shroud from the King and fold it and place it in the altar, and he re-joins the circle. Close circle

By michelle764